Mike Brown says if he loses his next fight, he may quit MMA

For ten years, Mike Brown has enjoyed an MMA career free of a commercially manufactured nickname, one that would undoubtedly put him in the forefront of overly complicated monikers. The tagline ‘What can Brown do for you?’ was the title of the article on MiddleEasy that was composed just after Mike Brown defeated Urijah Faber on June 7th, 2009. At the time, it seemed to be appropriate, but upon closer review, it was a ridiculous headline. Two years later, I want to publicly apologize for that nonsense. Never will I use a UPS reference within an article. I’m sure if you read that story at the moment of its inception, you’ve lost a few brain cells. Unfortunately, modern science can’t alleviate this, but according to Matt Horwich, they’re going to grow back. Just give it a few years.

Ben Fowlkes of MMAFighting spoke to Matt Brown about his next UFC bout, which also included a hypothetical scenario that would force Mike Brown to voluntarily leave MMA if he loses his next fight.

“I thought I might be gone now. I’m just grateful that Sean Shelby, Joe Silva, and Dana White, you know, I think they like me. They kept me around and I wasn’t sure I still had a job. They said, ‘You’re okay; get your body sorted out and we know what you’re capable of.’ I was just so grateful for that. I know that if I lose another one…well, I’m not necessarily that worried about just getting cut, but maybe it’s time for me to go away. I’m not in it to be average.”

Mike Brown can still accurately state that he’s served Urijah Faber exactly 50% of his MMA defeats, which is exactly 50% more than any of us can claim. [Source]

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