Miesha Tate is tired of people posting Ronda Rousey news on her Facebook feed so she unfriended all of you

It looks like Miesha Tate is taking the news of Holly Holm leap frogging her in the race to get beat by Ronda Rousey in stride. When you get the rug pulled out from under you, social therapists recommend you go on the nearest social media outlet and post about it. Tweet out your woes. Snapchat your missed title opportunities. Record a diss track on SoundCloud about an anonymous fighter named “Folly Folm” to express your feelings.

Or you could delete everyone off your Facebook feed that dare mentions the name Ronda Rousey or likes any news about her. Lose out on a title shot? Erase your Facebook friends list from anyone who mentions “She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”.  Even if you type Honda Housey, Tate will receive a push notification on her phone and delete you from her life. Forever.

From Tate’s Facebook page

“I just deleted a bunch of people off my friends list, like taking out the trash!! I dont know why I ever excepted people I dont know personally?!?! Anyways if you post/Like Ronda Rouseys stuff and I dont know you personally you’re asking to get tha boot!!”

Mess with the Cupcake and you get tha boot!!!!….and you also get a ton of exclamation points.  

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