Video: Michael Bisping tells Nick Diaz to Put the Joint Down and Sign the Contract

We all know that Michael Bisping gives zero fucks, but now there is a segment that actually demonstrates it in a literal fashion. After seeing this, if UFC Fight Pass doesn’t start a show that simply has Bisping giving his “How Many Fucks?” scale it is a travesty. Luckily, Jay and Dan on Fox let’s us know what that show would be like.

Turns out, there isn’t a lot that Bisping gives a fuck about. He doesn’t give a fuck that Diaz smokes weed, but wants him to ‘put the joint down, sign the contract’. Kardashians? He doesn’t give a fuck. However, Bisping possibly could give more fucks about Ronda Rousey returning, since that is a big fight. The best part is him seriously trying to measure in fucks how much he cares about the election. Oh, and that he is not a sexy wizard.

Do yourself a favor and watch this gold below.

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