Watch: Michael Bisping goes off on MMA Media, clarifies KO-ing his own brother story

We miss Michael Bisping. I mean, we’re happy he’s not fighting anymore for the sake of his health but its good to see him get fired up still.

The latest target for Mike’s verbal pipe bomb? You guessed it, the MMA Media. A favorite punching bag of fighters since what seems like forever, Bisping is sick of the MMA media’s click bait ways. No word on how Michael feels about “slow news days” or #FakeNews.

Pretty sure all those make his blood boil to.

In 2018, everyone’s favorite thing to do is bash the overworked and underpaid media. Wanting to write and report news to the public? What jerks. Just like any profession on planet Earth, there are people who do great work and others who are horrible at their job. n the MMA game, some of these people have even climbed to great heights in this world despite their mostly sub-par efforts.

The crux of Bisping’s problem with the MMA Media is they are just not putting in the work. Last week, many outlets reported on a story of Michael Bisping knocking out his own brother then trying to fight his Fox Sports co-worker Dominick Cruz.

This sounds absolutely amazing. But there was no video, so MiddleEasy wasn’t really interested. A strict pics or didn’t happen oath is upheld at Big Red Monster headquarters.

Per Bisping, everyone in the media got the story wrong. The MMA Media pulled the quote/story from Michael’s own podcast but apparently didn’t listen to the part where Bisping’s brother called into the show and shot down the story.

Oops. MMA Media, you so crazy.

Let’s watch Michael Bisping rant, rave and roast the MMA media for being bad at their jobs.

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