Michael Bisping States He Was “Clinically Blind” By The End Of His UFC Career

"Twentry two hundred vison is still classed as clinically blind. So, it was a difficult one. It was stressful."

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UFC Hall of Famer, Michael Bisping, is known for having some of the most gritty and hard-fought wars that fans of MMA have ever seen. Whether it involves being blindsided by a flying knee from Anderson and then coming to win the fight, or knocking out a prime Luke Rockhold on only 3 weeks notice, Bisping has been through it all. 

Clinically Blind

What is even more impressive is that for many of these fights, Bisping was fighting with severely impaired vision. This visual impairment was so bad that by the end of his career, he was clinically blind. Speaking on Steve-O’s Wild Ride!, Bisping revealed the details surrounding his vision and the end of his career.

“Fortunately, the legal requirements to fight, your still classed as clinically blind. So twentry two hundred vison is still classed as clinically blind.  So, it was a difficult one. It was stressful.”

“Because the problem is, every fight you have, you do your training camp, you fly to wherever it is. I used to fight alot internationally. Let’s say I fly to Australia. You do an entire training camp. You fly all your team out there. Obviously the training camp is very expensive. You fly all your team, get their flights, hotels, meals. And you got to pay them all a wage for coming. And then you’ve got to see a local doctor at the fight. The day of the weigh in… This guy, might be that guy who pulls you from the fight. Takes a look at your eye and says no f**k this. Your not fighting.”

Bisping was then asked whether he had to trick UFC officials into allowing him to fight. However, ‘The Count’ was not willing to divulge information on that matter.

Bisping is now a successful commentator for the UFC and was one of the most regular voices in the booth thought-out 2020. He also has a fledgeling film career, having starred in the likes of xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017), Den of Thieves (2018) and Triple Threat (2019).




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