Mic check, we have ANOTHER amazing Mauro Ranallo freestyle

One can only hope that we will llive to see the day when Ralek Gracie and Mauro Ranallo are surrounded by a crowd in some underground Los Angeles warehouse, engaged in a winner-takes-all freestyle battle. It will happen, and when it does, the game of hip-hop will forever be changed. We’ve seen Ranallo’s impromptu lyrical prowess displayed a few weeks ago in this interview with Martijn de Jong. Just days later, this video of Ralek Gracie freestyling on stage with Dilated Peoples surfaced. Now we have the second installment of what some refer to as the ‘Maurojuana Chronicles’, and it’s overflowing with amazing. Check out this video of Mauro kicking a freestyle that would undoubtedly warrant a smile from the 209.

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