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Mega Megu cleans up at Shooto, now 19-0

Mega Megu cleans up at Shooto, now 19-0

She only weighs 115lbs but Megumi Fujii is an unstoppable frate trane. Today she racked up her 19th victory at Shooto against Windy Tomomi. Yeah, the same Windy Tomomi that suffered probably the most horrific broken leg we’ve ever seen in MMA against Rosi Sexton in Bodog Fights (and it’s all on tape). 

She goes by Mega Megu (she must be a decedent of Megaman) and she is, without question, the best pound for pound women’s mixed martial artist on the planet…probably even the universe. She holds a superhuman record of 19-0 with 16 of her wins coming by submission. What can be said about Mega Megu that hasn’t already been said about Wonder Woman? She’s the most decorated women’s fighter in history and she has more trophies than I have broken promises to my parents. 

Megumi Fujii truly is the female Fedor. That’s been thrown around a lot lately in women’s MMA but with seven of her fights ending in less than a minute, there’s no other chick that can claim that title. Fighting Mega Megu must be what it feels like when you get your arm stuck in trash compactor. It may even be the same pain you experience when you accidentally step on a black hole. Congrats to Mega Megumi and hopefully Strikeforce will put together a little Rosi Sexton vs. Megumi Fujii action in the near future. [Source]

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