Medically cleared, Ronda Rousey and Gilbert Melendez roll for the camera

Back at UFC 175, it only took Ronda Rousey sixteen seconds to shatter her hand against Alexis Davis’ skull with the force of a thousand blonde Large Hadron Colliders. You saw the replay – Ronda’s knuckle exploded and her thumb was broken, but once again The Rowdy One stood with her (non-injured) hand raised and her smile bright. The woman who could armbar God was now knocking out everyone in her way with such force, she was hurting herself. 

In the days following the fight Ronda went under the knife to get her knee right, which put her on the shelf, out of the gym and into rehab. 
Now keep in mind that the only locale Ronda loves inhabiting more than her gym is the Pokemon overworld, so you know she was itching to get back to the place she calls home after two months of knee rehab and fist regeneration. 
Finally, just as the TUF 20 cast rolled through LA for the premiere of the latest reality show, Ronda was medically cleared to train. She geared up, went to the gym, and then spied Gilbert Melendez looking for a roll, and we caught it all on camera. 
Watch Ronda’s first roll since her knee surgery and her broken thumb healed below, it’s the most badass thing you’ll probably watch today:
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