Mayhem Miller talks about the Nick Diaz altercation footage that we can’t release

I want to smell the smoke of a thousand guns being fired directly at the roach that I saw resting on my phone this morning. Roaches love to greet me when I wake up. If there was a way to train insects to be butlers and maids, I would live in the lap of luxury. I would instruct all of those roaches to clean my Pumas instead of hiding in them and immediately scurrying out when I place my foot inside. Roaches can only be God’s way of saying that you really need to clean your kitchen. Thanks for the heads up all mighty. Now do something productive like save Darfur. I don’t think Bono is doing a great job. Alternatively, God can snap his fingers and release the Mayhem Miller vs. Nick Diaz scuffle footage. I’ll let him deal with the legal ramification. Hopefully God can listen to this Caged360 interview with Mayhem Miller and take note.

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