Maybe all that ‘First Mexican Heavyweight’ stuff really is working for Cain Velasquez…

Cain Velasquez was born in Salinas, California. The city’s nickname is ‘America’s Salad Bowl’ and it’s filled with a slew of American victorian homes. Cain Velasquez is American. Efrain Escudero is Mexican and he was kicked from the UFC with a record of 13-2. If you want to take the route of hyphens and technicalities, Cain Velasquez is Mexican-American. However, this would mean Brock Lesnar is Viking-American and the UFC hasn’t mentioned that in the blitzkrieg of UFC promos we’ve been exposed to. Granted, it looks like the weeks of constant bombardment with inaccurate nationality information has worked for Cain Velasquez. Check out this FightHub.TV spot of Cain arriving in Los Angeles for his upcoming bout with Brock Lesnar at UFC 121.

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