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Matt Serra vs. Frank Trigg going down at UFC 109

Matt Serra vs. Frank Trigg going down at UFC 109

It looks like the UFC saw Frank Trigg’s bid to have a tomato can in the cage and raised him the former UFC welterweight champion. ZUFFA has a pretty twisted and deranged sense of humor. Matt Serra spoke with The Fight Network this morning and confirmed that he will face Frank Trigg at UFC 109.

We’re not sure what Frank Trigg is thinking right now but we’re assuming it has something to do with Ethopia not providing military support requested by Somalia. Prior to this announcement, everyone knew what Frank Trigg’s general attitude to fighting Matt Serra was…and it was a definite downer. 

“If my next fight is Serra, it’s going to be a loser leave town match cause he is on a 2-fight losing streak, so that would be 3 fights in a row that he lost and for me, it would be a 2-fight losing streak if I lost and I’m out. One of us is going to have to go home. If I fight somebody else and I lose, I’m going to have to leave regardless because I would have 2 losses. I would like for them to give me a tomato can, like some low-level martial artist, so I can beat the crap out of somebody for a change and get a win streak going, but the way they work with me, it’s going to be somebody tough no matter who it is.”

Trigg is probably right. Three straight losses in the UFC is a general pink-slip and a pat on the back. Of course this bout could also be postponned due to staph infection, mono, intestinal disorders, knee rehabbing, elbow surgery…just have a grab in the mystical UFC bag of unknown/undisclosed/freak illnesses and accidents. Everyone else has. [Source]

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