Marloes Coenen gets handled by Alistair Overeem

This one time at band camp, I was laughing so hard while sucking on a piece of butterscotch candy that I swallowed and the candy disc got lodged in my throat. Apparently the people that decided to jump to my aid didn’t know the Heimlich maneuver and instead figured turning me upside down and holding me by the ankles and shaking me would dislodge the piece of candy from my esophagus. No such luck, after I started turning blue someone who knew the Heimlich came to my rescue and I didn’t suffer an early death via choking. I also never went to band camp, I just threw that in there for effect. It actually happened in my parent’s backyard and my drunk Uncle and Father were the ones who got the bright idea to try and shake the piece of candy out of me. Thanks a bunch Dad. I’m pretty sure my brain is still suffering the effects of shaken baby syndrome today.

Now that technique may not have worked for my Dad and uncle, but I bet if it ever happened to Marloes Coenen and Overeem was around and tried it the candy would shoot like a bullet from her throat with one downward thrust. (The images that sentence just created in my brain should be sold for $12.95 PPV on the Spice channel) Overeem is so powerful he could be king of the Heimlich, he can probably dislodge items from airways with a single fingertip to ones abdomen. He might like it too. Sounds like he likes handling Marloes Coenen a bit from a recent interview she did with When asked if she ever trains with Alistair Marloes said this:

“Today Alistair was at the dojo, for a massage and watched us training. He gave me advice on some things. I never train with him tough, it has no use. Nor for him or me. But he always finds time to attack me and give me a choke. Most of the times I just start yelling and screaming like a real girl, hahaha! It’s the fastest way to let him stop.”

So Overeem likes to attack Marloes and give her a little choke. I can understand that. I think there are plenty of you guys and out there who would love to be able to put a little rear naked on Coenen. I’m not sure why she would want to get Overeem to stop though. I will gladly volunteer to play the role play victim and attacker game with the Reem.

Published on February 11, 2011 at 4:29 am
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