Mark Hunt says if the UFC doesn’t renew his contract, he may retire from MMA

Mark Hunt’s fighting style is clearly a throw back to when humans utilized the bones and hides of other animals to kill other animals. He’s the second former K-1 Grand Prix champion to enter the UFC and surprisingly Hunt and Semmy Schilt have the same 1-1 records within the organization. It’s like some strange, universal indicator that we’re all supposed to take note of. Sort of like that Swedish guy who tried to build an entire nuclear reactor in the confine of his kitchen. This is supposed to mean something, all of it. Perhaps all of it is supposed to mean something, and not everything. I can handle that, but the vastness of the infinite is what gets me. If everything means something, then it would remove the notion that something means everything — and it will somewhat tame down any existential mystery in this universe. For example, that leftover refried bean on your floor means that you’re just a messy, filthy human being that obviously wasn’t raised on the proper etiquette of cleaning up after yourself when you devour a breakfast burrito at 4:00am on a Friday morning. That is understandable. However, if that bean holds some intrinsic value for the creation of reality — that’s entirely too overwhelming. Is it the bean of life, or just a bean on your floor? That bean is what you make of it, philosopher.

Any existential crisis can immediately be resolved through a swift uppercut from Mark Hunt’s right fist. The guy doesn’t worry about the minute details, he just wants to have a place to fight after he faces Ben Rothwell at UFC 135. In this QandMMA interview, Mark says that if he doesn’t get his contract renewed with UFC, he may quit MMA entirely.

“It really depends. I don’t know; I might not have a choice. Even if I win, the UFC might not give me another contract. They never wanted my contract in the first place [laughs] … I’m thinking about retiring—because the UFC might not give me another contract.”

“I wish I could fight forever, but we all know that ain’t going to happen.”

“You know, the window of opportunity comes around very rarely and in my lifetime, if there has been one thing that I have been good at—if not anything else in my career—was to take any and every opportunity I can. I am one of those guys that will always throw caution into the wind and let the cards fall where they may. Fortune favours the brave, they say.”

Fortune does favor the brave, Mark. However, that would denote fortune is a conscious entity, fully aware of the exploits of humankind. Fortune favors a breakfast burrito, perhaps. In fact, we never will truly know who or what fortune favors. Fortune needs to speak up. [Source]

Published on August 5, 2011 at 6:39 pm
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