Mark Hunt is big in Japan: 19 pounds over limit with 24 hours until weigh-in

Mark Hunt is really big in Japan. Like 100 pounds bigger than a local Ussuri brown bear. Incidentally, the Ussuri belong to a vulnerable species, so you shouldn’t hunt them.

According to an interview with 2on4 Sports, Hunt weighed 340 pounds when he started his camp for Roy Nelson. He even used “animal movements” as a part of his training. In short, Hunt did everything he could to increase the likelihood he would be mistaken for an antagonist in a Godzilla movie during his visit to Saitama.

That is awesome and everything, but the plot is unfortunately getting thicker than his torso. Because just 24 hours before weigh-ins, Mark Hunt is still 19 pounds over the 265-pound limit. So unless he can quickly lose massive amounts of water weight, Roy “Big Country” Nelson might be waving goodbye to Mark “Big Continent” Hunt at the entry doors.

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