Marc Goddard Talks His Remarks From UFC 235: “It Was The Wrong Choice”

Marc Goddard

Marc Goddard has spoken out following his duties as referee at UFC 235. This was following some separations that were seen as controversial, in the co-main event bout between Kamaru Usman and Tyron Woodley. Included in this was Goddard being heard telling Usman “It’s a fight” when he chose to stand the two fighters up.

This led to a slew of social media backlash, including a minor beef between Goddard and UFC commentator, Jon Anik. Goddard has since put out several statements on Twitter. Here, he explained his actions, admitting he was in the wrong for what he said to Usman.

“It was the wrong choice!” Goddard explained. “I should have used different wording, no question.” He then went on to praise Usman’s performance. Following that, he stated that the “It’s a fight” comment came after Usman asked the referee why he was standing the two up.

He then proceeded to detail the amount of abuse he and his family have received on social media, saying that the “vile abuse” is something he has a hard time dealing with. Goddard further stated that he would be better detailing his thoughts on his podcast with Dan Hardy. He then closed by paying his respects to both Tyron Woodley and Kamaru Usman.

It has been explained in detail by MMAFighting’s Luke Thomas on his SiriusXM radio show, that the separations and stand ups came after a reasonable amount of time with which there was inactivity. According to his research, the fighters were separated after inactivity in the clinch for several minutes.

What makes a good time for separation?

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