Lyoto Machida says he (and some of his friends) have a big surprise for you

Yesterday can be summed up in one simple phrase-“Surprise, surprise!” In keeping up with that surprise theme, Lyoto Machida tweeted at around 10:30pm EST that he too has yet another surprise for the MMAverse. Wait just a minute-that’s kind of scary coming from Machida. I sure hope it isn’t the kind of surprise that R Kelly might find arousing. I doubt it is though since what what he actually tweeted in Portuguese was ‘we have a big surprise for you’ and the we he was talking about included: Wanderlei Silva, Nog, Shogun Rua, and Machida himself.

What is it with Brazil and surprises? After yesterday’s announcement that Jose Aldo and Rampage were out of UFC 153: Rio, I’m not sure we can take anymore surprises that have anythign to do with Brazil. Unless of course all of those guys end up beign the guys to save UFC 153 from a UFC 151 type fate. Hmm… [Source]

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