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Replay: Luta Marcos Jr. Pulls Off a Bomaye Knee at Jungle Fight 86

Replay: Luta Marcos Jr. Pulls Off a Bomaye Knee at Jungle Fight 86

Last night at Jungle Fight 86, a man named Adriano Gustavo did not want to stay down. Luta Marcos Jr. dominated the fight by smothering Gustavo on top and raining down about 827 punches. The main take away from this though, is don’t sit up like The Undertaker in Jungle Fights when your opponent is already on his feet crouched down like an Olympic sprinter. …You may catch a nose-smearing running knee that transports you to the pain dimension.


That’s right, this Marcos Jr. dude basically did a Shinsuke Nakamura “Bomaye” knee(now named the Kinshasa) straight to Gustavo’s dome piece. It would’ve been cool if he did his best Mick Jagger impression before the knee like Nakamura, but we all can’t be perfect. He hit your boy so hard that he may wake up today simply calling himself “Gustav” and thinking he’s the long-deceased Klimt just entering his “golden phase”.


If you’d like to watch the whole fight from Jungle Fight 86, you can check that out below. Someone please show this to Nakamura in hopes to encourage a dance routine reaction.

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