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Video: Possibly stoned Luke Rockhold roasts the heavyweight division

Video: Possibly stoned Luke Rockhold roasts the heavyweight division

Remember when Luke Rockhold showed off his bong from high school on UFC Embedded? High School surfer/stoner Luke Rockhold may be resurfacing and we’re into it.

Also did Luke just get dumped? What’s up with the major break-up beard Luke is rocking.

Only a few weeks away from a rematch with Chris Weidman at UFC 230, Rockhold seems to be in an interesting place. The 1967 film Cool Hand Luke was partially filmed in Stockton, California and Rockhold is out here dropping Diaz Brothers style promos.

Luke devolving from the Paul Newman of MMA into the Pauly Shore of MMA is flaming train wreck we can’t look away from.

Why is Luke talking about the heavyweight division? We assume it has something to do with Daniel Cormier, Derrick Lewis or Greg Hardy.

Rockhold makes some solid points and he seems super chill with it all.

Relax man, they’re just heavyweights.

A loser of two of his three fights, Luke transformation from fashion model back to Santa Cruz 7-Eleven loiter is fascinating to watch. If you’re a fan of Luke this is a really good sign or bad sign for his prospects at UFC 230.

Rockhold does actually make some good points on MMA heavyweights. But we can’t really see it because we can’t over his deliver. Sure, the barrier is low if your a big strong athletic dude but that beard though. And sure any red blooded man weighing above 225 pounds could possibly compete in MMA, but are you okay Luke?

Luke Rockhold needs a nap or a snack but first let’s watch him explain the deep philosophy of MMA heavyweights.

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