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Look, James McSweeney got a soccer kick KO at ONE FC

Look, James McSweeney got a soccer kick KO at ONE FC

In ONE FC I trust. They’ve gone through some growing pains since debuting the last few years, but damn if they aren’t putting on consistently entertaining-as-hell shows. Now that people actually understand the rules (well, now that the rules are more clear) the fights inside the ONE FC cage have been exciting and interesting. There are just so many ways to damage your opponent.

We don’t need to turn this into an argument about soccer kicks, but we can if you want to. As you see here, James McSweeney decked Cristiano Kaminishi then followed-up with a soccer kick to finish the fight. In my opinion, which is just that, an opinion, this was better than ‘Sweeney dropping 10-15 punches on Kaminishi while he turtled on the ground. Furthermore, what is a soccer kick but a head kick performed when your opponent is horizontal and not vertical. 

Zprophet has two yes, TWO angles:

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