LOL for anyone who thought Rampage would love tonight

Come on people. Seriously, just come on. If you believed Rampage would lose tonight, then you obviously thought too much with your brain and not enough with your heart. We just witnessed Rampage [expletive] Jackson. There’s a reason why he’s called Rampage and it’s not because he has a strong affinity to arrange flower bouquets.

You’ve watch the UFC Primetime shows on Spike TV, you’ve heard the infamous conference call and perhaps you even followed the racial undertones throughout the past two weeks. Up until this point, your entire perception of Jackson has been from half-hour/hour edited segments of Quinton. There’s another side to Jackson. The side that slammed Ricardo Arona out cold in Pride. The side that managed to collect a total of four MMA belts in his lifetime. We all saw Rampage Jackson tonight and it was something that we should never forget.

With Rampage’s win over Evans and his upcoming Hollywood blockbuster film ‘The A-Team’, somewhere in Las Vegas Dana White is leaning back in his really, really expensive Italian leather chair snorkeling through his ocean of money (yeah, he keeps it entirely in his office…Scrooge McDuck style).

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