Listen to today’s historic Dana White press call announcing the WEC/UFC merge

I just ate a jar full of cherries before I realized that I could have made a cherry pie. Damn, my friends would have been impressed if I baked a cherry pie with those things. Thankfully, my friends have pretty low expectations so they’ll just be impressed that I ate an entire jar full of cherries. As of right now, it’s the greatest accomplishment that I can personally take claim to today. Granted, it’s nothing like merging two of the largest MMA organizations into one gigantic Voltron-like entity. Shortly after the news broke that the WEC will merge with UFC, Dana White held a telephone press-conference to invite the members of the media to slingshot questions in his general direction. Unfortunately, I missed the first couple minutes of the press call, however I did manage to record most of today’s historic announcement for all of you to listen to while you struggle to find purpose in your life.

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