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King Mo says Jon Jones is the ‘king of hoe moves’

King Mo says Jon Jones is the ‘king of hoe moves’

If any of you hate King Mo, then you’re just blatantly lying to yourself. Seriously, if you hold any resentment towards Mo then it’s due to some deep-seated childhood trauma that you’ve probably been repressing your entire life. King Mo and I attended the same high school (Plano East ftw) and the dude was one of our our first interviews (back when he was scheduled to bang against Don Frye). If you check it out, there’s only one comment. We weren’t that big then.

In lieu of Jon Jones publishing Rashad Evans’ text to the MMA world, King Mo proclaims that Jones is the ‘king of hoe moves’ in this interview with FightHype.

‘Personally, Jon Jones is the king of hoe moves. That’s shit your ex-girl, Superhead, or Kat Stacks would do. I wouldn’t apologize for shit and I don’t think Rashad should either. Like I said before, that’s some hoe shit; petty in my eyes. So what? He called Jones a white boy? I’ve heard worse and y’all have too. It’s funny how some fans wanna be PC and shit, but then some of these same muthafuckaz wanna pay to see some organized violence. LOL! Or they boo if a fight ain’t violent enough. LOL!’

King Mo has a friend named ‘Daywalker’. King Mo also has a brother called ‘Bull’, a friend named ‘Peanut’ and a close bud appropriately named ‘Ace: The fastest rising pimp in Dallas’. You only wish your friends were that cool. [Source]

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