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Video: Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Biography Narrated by a Guy That Sounds Like Andrew Dice Clay

Tony Ferguson announced a fight is done. Khabib Nurmagomedov’s manager tweeted a cheeky, teasing emoji tweet right right after. Ariel Helwani says things have changed. That’s usually MMA Twitter for this shit is happening. If this match-up actually gets done, it’ll be the biggest lightweight fight the UFC could make without Conor McGregor. After months of negotiations and offering up $200K of his own (or Mother Russia’s) money to get the fight done, smashing time could be close.

What better way to celebrate this than a biopic-style YouTube video, hilariously (but factually) narrated by a dude who seems like he’s doing an Andrew Dice Clay impression? OHHHHHH! Hickory, dickory dock… Khabib will slam you on your cock! OHHHHH! The short documentary goes through Nurmagomedov’s life, his many suplexes, bear wrestling, his dad, and anything you could ever imagine. It’s a must watch.

Watch Nurmagomedov’s legendary tale below.

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