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Ken Flo vs. Gomi is probably not happening

Ken Flo vs. Gomi is probably not happening

Bill Gates didn’t make Microsoft Word. Every late 80s rapper did. Some people probably won’t understand that. It’s cool. You will just have to listen to Kenny Florian’s ipod and read that sentence again. Kenny Florian digs his hip-hop as much as you you dig not getting hit in the face in a dark alley. The fact that Kenny Florian has every Wu album and can quote Ghostface Killah like biblical scripture should elevate him to the top of your favorite fighters list (right next to Wallid Ismail). Still, regardless of Kenny Florian’s underground hip-hop IQ…it still won’t buy him a shot at Takanori Gomi. Here’s what Ken-Flo said in an interview with

‘It’s funny, I haven’t heard anything about [fighting Gomi] at all. I don’t know how people would know that before the fighters, but I definitely haven’t heard anything about that.’

‘I don’t make the business decisions, obviously, but it really doesn’t make a lot of sense to not have us on pay-per-view. I think a lot of people would want to see that fight if it was going to happen, and I don’t see – if it was going to happen – how it could be on [Spike TV or Versus].’

Damn. And it seemed like just yesterday we were watching Gomi fight Krazy Horse in Pride FC. It looks like we’ve all been trolled and this time Beau Taylor wasn’t behind it. Look on the bright side people, we’re still giving away free Jaco stuff. [Source]

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