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Keepin’ the dark arts alive: catch wrestling lives at The SnakePit

Keepin’ the dark arts alive: catch wrestling lives at The SnakePit

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Admittedly, I’m pretty much 100% Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Sure, I spent many years doing collegiate style wrestling in high school, but, at this point, my Fireman’s Carry is about as effective as your sad excuse for a hip escape. Not very.

Catch Wrestling is pretty pure, medieval and brutal sh%t. And, that … is great. It’s related to BJJ as a wolf is related to a German Shepherd. It’s not that it’s unrefined or more basic than BJJ, it just (seemingly, to my uneducated eye) never developed to the chess-like sport that BJJ has become. And, in many ways that is a very good thing. Plus, you get to crank the crap out of dude’s necks and do all kinds of gnarly things to their torsos and knees.

Watch this awesome clip on the revival of the famous catch wrestling club founded by legendary CACC practitioner and coach, the late Billy Riley, called the Snakepit in Wigan (which somewhere in England).

The SnakePit!

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