JZ Cavalcante talks about his lack of Strikeforce fights and leaving ATT


JZ Cavalcante has had it rough the last few years. Injuries have had their way with the Strikeforce 155’er and he has only been able to throw leather 4 times in the last 36 months. Bummer. JZ Cavalcante is like Charlie Brown and Pro Mixed Martial Arts fights are the football Lucy (Strikeforce) snatches away from him just as he’s about to kick it time and time again. You would think Chuck would get Snoopy or Linus or anyone to hold the ball for him, but he doesn’t. In fact, why do they need to be kicking field goals in a backyard football game anyway? Maybe that’s why Lucy is holding the ball? The entirety of the Peanuts gang climbed up on each others shoulders to create an upright, and Lucy doesn’t have the agility to make it to the top, nor the core strength to be a pillar on the bottom. This is why Charles Schulz needs to be alive. To answer these questions for me. The former American Top Team member, sat down with ProMMAnow.com to discuss his recent split with the Coconut Creek gym and his lack of fights in Strikeforce.

JZ Cavalcante: Last time I spoke to Strikeforce, they promised a fight on the April 9 card. And then suddenly they said, no, the card is busy. Now I don’t know. I don’t have a date for a fight. That’s what they’ve been doing with me since December. I don’t know if they’re just disorganized or have something against me. They said no, December [won’t work], so then January. Then January came and, no, the card is full. Then Feburary…and it keeps going.

ProMMAnow.com: Do you think it is because there aren’t enough fighters available at lightweight?

JZ Cavalcante: They have the fighters…sometimes they exchange fighters with Japan. I don’t know what to say. I know I want to fight, I know I’ve been training and I’ve been asking for a fight. I talk to them all the time. At least if they’d be honest with me and say, “We’re not going to use you on this card, or “Your’re not going to be on the next month;” I keep training and thinking I’m going to fight, cutting weight, then three weeks or four weeks before, they say ‘we’re not going to use you on this card,’ and it’s frustrating. I hope now that Zuffa bought them, they’re going to get more organized.

ProMMAnow.com: Also, word recently came out that you, Jorge Santiago, Danillo Villefort, and Yuri Villefort left American Top Team. I know guys change camps sometimes and it’s just part of the business, but talk about what led you guys to decide to go elsewhere.

JZ Cavalcante: The plan is, we just want to train with whoever we want and just do our own thing. I have nothing against ATT. I spoke to everyone there and they understand our situation. I love everybody there.

There is a plethora of matchups under the Zuffa banner for JZ now. Lets hope he gets one sooner rather than later.


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