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JZ Cavalcante has still not been paid by DREAM and wants Strikeforce to improve on their communication skills

JZ Cavalcante has still not been paid by DREAM and wants Strikeforce to improve on their communication skills

It goes without question that the most recent EA Sports MMA update was published solely to nerf all armchair fighters from using JZ and doing what’s called ‘hook-spamming’. In short, JZ has the quickest hands in the game and by repeatedly throwing shots to the body, you can deplete your opponent’s stamina, thus gassing them out within seconds. Nuggets of information like that is the primary reason why I don’t have a girlfriend, or even a chick that I tell my friends is my girlfriend but in reality it’s just some girl I met on My dates apparently don’t return my phone calls. In essence, JZ Cavalcante share the same communication burden.

In an interview with TATAME, JZ admits that he still hasn’t been paid by DREAM and that Strikeforce needs to come correct with their phone-tagging abilities.

My manager called them [DREAM], but nobody respond, nobody answers. It’s disrespectful, the guys disappeared. The situation in Japan’s not good, because of the tsunami, but it’s no excuse, because it’s been a year. They should, at least, answer me, because their people saying they plan to produce another event.

[Strikeforce] They’ve been promising me a fight since December and every month they say the same thing: that I’ll be on their next card, next month… Meanwhile they’ve offered me two bouts with five days in advance and I asked them sometime to think about it. They called me in the morning and I asked them to give an answer in the evening. Then, when I called them, they have found someone already, and they didn’t tell me anything, they didn’t call me… I hope that with Strikeforce’s purchase, its organization will improve, and also its structure.

If Dana White achieves his goal of being the next NFL, then there’s a good chance that comments like this will result in a large fine and some airtime on ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption. Well, perhaps not the latter. Those guys hate MMA. [Source]

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