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Judging by this official Dream promo, all of Japan is happy Fedor is back

Judging by this official Dream promo, all of Japan is happy Fedor is back

I’ve never eaten a McRib sandwich from McDonalds, but I never cease to know when it’s back on the menu. That’s outstanding marketing right there. Kudos to McDonalds for disguising a flour-bleaching agent used to make the soles of shoes and foamed plastics like yoga mats as a fast-food sandwich and getting people excited about its return. McDonalds actually calls those chemicals “original seasoning” and swears they’re delicious. More Kudos to McDonalds for their ability to talk their way out of using real meat in their food(s). They’re racking up the Kudos today.

Much like the McRib is back, M-1 Global announced that Fedor will return to Japan to fight Satoshi Ishii on their New Year’s Eve card, and that left Dream a whole 24 hours to come up with this rawesome promo for their New Year’s Eve event; an event that you will probably devote your entire night to instead of going out an enjoying an actual social life. It’s cool, I’ll be right there with you because MMA supersedes my regular life. [Source]

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