Josh Barnett has a secret weapon for the Strikeforce GP

A few months ago Josh Barnett beat me in EA MMA and it was a fluke, a total fluke. I was toying with him and he caught me on the chin. Yeah, I know how it goes. I shouldn’t have been screwing around with a word class heavyweight, but I knew I was better than him and I wanted to practice my stand up. Josh was gracious in victory and I appreciated that, I took my defeat in stride at the time, but now it’s starting to eat away at me. Barnett, if you’re reading this, it’s on. If you weren’t so busy training for the Strikeforce Heavyweight GP I would demand you face me in hand to hand combat until one of us was unconscious in a pool of their own blood.

Granted, Barnett is thousands of miles away from me and that is the only reason I can get away with talking so much crap without him tearing my arm off. But who knows, maybe that fateful afternoon The Babyfaced Assassin was just the better man and was riding his “cool beard” and “superior hair products” all the way to the TKO victory over my disappointed thumbs. Check out this StrikeforceFilms video featuring Josh Barnett breaking down his secret advantages in the upcoming Strikeforce Heavyweight GP: Superior hair products and a cool beard.


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