Watch: Oh this? Just Jon Jones showing his newfound one shot KO power in practice

Jon Jones KO power

Jon Jones is several mythological creatures wrapped into one organism. On talent alone, Bones Jones is the sport’s GOAT by a wide margin.

Outside of the cage? What could have been? Jon Jones is the greatest screw-up of all-time; also by a very wide margin.

We don’t know when Bones will return to the cage but when he does, he may be better than ever. How can the biggest, strongest, most skilled light heavyweight of all-time get better? What if for the past 18 months Jones just worked to improve as a striker. Pile on a top flight striker to his speed, wrestling, jiu-jitsu and strength pillars of MMA success.

Bones is a wrestler by nature but what if something in his muscle memory when it comes to striking just clicked. Forget Sober Weight-lighting Bones Jones. How about High Class Striker Jon Jones? One Shot KO Power Bones Jones?

In a cruel twist of fate, and it feels like we’ve said this before, but what if getting suspended from the UFC was the best thing for Jones? How many trips to the timeout chair does it take before it all sinks in with this guy?

With the burden of being the best of all time lifted off his shoulder for 18 or so months, all Jones had to focus on was improving as a fighter. And what if he did?

Is MMA ready for a world where Bones Jones is knocking out heavyweights in the first round? Here is new footage of the GOAT of GOATs working striking and he is looking scary good.

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