UFC 239 Results: Jon Jones Wins Thiago Santos Via Close Split Decision! (Highlights)

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Jon Jones Defeats Thiago Santos Via Split Decision After 25 Minutes Of War!

UFC 239 PPV (pay-per-view) event is headlined by an intriguing Light Heavyweight bout between the controversial reigning defending 205-pound champion Jon “Bones” Jones and dangerous striker Thiago “Marreta” Santos. It is taking place live now (Saturday, July 6, 2019) from inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Thiago Santos enters first, he wears gray/black shorts. The champion enters next, wearing black shorts and a gray T-shirt. Oh, Jones’ entrance was very intriguing!

The referee in charge for this contest is Herb Dean. Here we go, the championship match kicks off!

Round 1

Jon Jones has a huge reach advantage. Fighters don’t touch gloves. “Marreta” is very cautious, both fighters in a southpaw stance. Jones goes for low kicks. Wow, Santos felt that.

Wow, Santos low kicks Jones, this was nasty!!!

Jones felt that, but the match continues. Thiago circles around Jones, but eats a low kick. Santos switches stance, and defends middle kick. Low kick Thiago.

Wow, an inside low kick, Santos misses with a high kick and a spinning heel kick, Jones slips well. Side-kick Jones, good elbow, Santos defended another strike. Low kick Thiago. The Brazilian looks good for now.

Jones attacks knees, misses, and Santos misses with a low kick. Left high kick blocked. Wow, Santos goes forward, good 1-2 followed by a nasty low kick. Three strong strikes by Thiago, Jon lost his mouthpiece, the referee stops the contest and restarts it.

Santos was very fair, he didn’t attack Jones. Good strikes, 1-2 Thiago, big left hand. Jones misses with a spinning back kick to the body.

Santos moves well, and changes levels, Jones felt that punch to the mid-section, it was so hard! Jones lands spinning back kick to the body, Santos fires back with a low kick.

Low kick Jones. Santos feints a lot, he is very patient, good knee attack. Jones attempted spinning back kick to the head, missed by a hair. I am unsure who won, maybe 10-9 Santos.

Thiago needs to stay calm and patient.

Round 2

Another brutal low kick Santos. Santos attacks but it seems his leg is hurt. Great kicks by Santos, he wobbles, this doesn’t look good. Jones attacks with a front low kick. Low kick Santos.

Oh, Thiago can’t move well. Santos misses with a low kick, feint by Thiago, Jones retreats. Left hand Santos, who misses with an oblique kick. Left hand Santos, followed by a high kick, blocked. Low kick missed by a centimeter.

It looks Santos’ left knee is hurt. Wow, nasty middle kick by Santos!!! Oh, brutal middle kick, Santos went down, despite the kick was blocked, but he got up instantly. Jon Jones surprisingly let him up.

Front kick attempt Jones, Santos caught his kick, but he lets it go. Good punch Thiago. Right hand misses by Santos. Wow, three quick punches by the Brazilian. Amazing left high kick by Thiago, great bout.

Santos moves, Jones lands a low kick, the Brazilian misses with a high kick. Low kick attempt Santos. Santos attacks with straight punches, Jones fires back with a left spinning heel kick to the head, but he misses. It was an even round, unsure.

Round 3

Santos attacks with a spinning heel kick to the body, misses. Low kick Thiago, and again. Oblique kick, great attacks. Marreta circles around his rival, good left high kick, Jones blocked this attempt well.

Low kick Jones, Santos fires back with an inside low kick. Middle kick Santos.

Santos moves around, and Jones fires back with a low kick. 1-2-3 Santos, but Jones delivers great elbow, it seems Santos was rocked for a second. Jones misses with a flying knee, he felt down, but Thiago lets him up.

Jab to the body Thiago. Oh, Santos evades low kick well, but eats one kick. Wow, awesome left hook by Thiago, followed by a middle kick. High kick Santos, blocked, the Brazilian fell down for a second after a kick to the body, but he got up. Jones lands a good elbow.

Fighters trade shots, what a match. High kick Jones. Another high kick, followed by a side-kick to the leg. Big left hand Santos.

Another kick by Jon Jones, Santos delivers a nasty low kick. What a fight!

1-2 Santos. Jones misses with a spinning back elbow. I think 10-9 Jones, unsure.

Round 4

Championship rounds start. Both fighters seem fatigued. Low kick Santos, and awesome combo, but Jones escapes off the fence. Spinning back kick to the body Jones.

Jab to the body Thiago. Jones misses with a spinning heel kick, hits the fence. Leg kick Jones. And another one. Right high kick Santos, missed.

Front kick attempt Santos, Jones evades well. Brutal left low kick Santos, Jones felt that! Middle kick “Marreta”. Great exchange on both sides.

Oh, it seems Jones’ thigh is swollen. Uppercut just missed. Strong low kick. Kick to the knee Jones. Jones misses with a left spinning back-fist. Santos retreats, he seems tired.

Jones keeps his hands low, his coach yells to keep them up. Another good low kick lands. One minute until the end of the 4th round. Jones attacks with two great strikes. Front kick to the body Jones. Low kick Thiago, Jones checked it well.

Another low kick Thiago. What is this guy made of? Cartwheel kick attempt Santos, missed. The round ends, 10-9 Jones.

Round 5

Santos advances, fighters feint a lot. Middle kick Santos. Low kick. Great combo Santos, but he misses over and over. The Brazilian goes for all or nothing. Wow, superb kicks on both sides. Middle kick Thiago.

Left hook Santos. Jones feints and delivers a middle kick. Big left hand Thiago, and another one, he delivers nasty combos. Middle kick Thiago again, low kick Jones, it seems the champion only blocks the incoming strikes.

Side-kick to the body Jones, Santos delivers another low kick. Jones lands a brutal body kick. Low kick Jones, Santos retreats, but counters with a low kick.

Low kick Jones. Middle kick Thiago. Superb left hand by Santos, great hook.

Fighters only feint now, Jones misses with a jumping kick to the legs. What a brutal punch combo by Santos, but Jones moves like a cat and evades off the fence.

Jones holds his front hand, but Santos catches his leg, and lets it go. Santos lost balance for a second. Kick to the knee Santos. 20 seconds left. Low kick Santos. Jones runs around the octagon. Fighters hug at the end of the match, let’s see the scorecards. I think 10-9 Santos.

Final Result: 48-47 Santos, 48-47 Jones, 48-47 Jones, Jon Jones wins via split decision

Here are the highlights:

Jon Jones improves the score to 25-1, 1 NC MMA, 19-1, 1 NC MMA, Thiago Santos drops to 21-7 MMA, 13-6 UFC.

Published on July 6, 2019 at 9:49 pm
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