Jon Fitch was surprised by BJ Penn’s tactics

I yell at the TV a lot. Only during MMA and Football though, those are the only activities that can be electronically transmitted to me that makes me yell at them as if the participants can hear me, my wife and dog hate it. When it comes down to it why even yell? Why not talk calmly and in a quiet voice? That is what I am going to do from now on. If you are a TV yeller I implore you to partake in this strategy with me, if the people around you don’t like how you yell at the TV, then we will see how they feel when you are calmly staring at the events speaking in an even keel voice to no one but the dancing images in your eyes. Imagine the cliche fan scenario of interrupting a conversation mid sentence to yell at a sporting event on screen, now replace the screaming in that scenario with calmly talking. I think I’m on to something revolutionary and creepy here. Or is it evolutionary?

So who didn’t calmly talk to their TV when BJ Penn took Fitch’s back in the first round last night at UFC 127? I know I mellowly explained my surprise and happiness to my computer monitor, here is John Fitch talking to Yahoo about his interesting scrap last night.

“It was an excellent strategy. It threw me off, and took me halfway through the second round to really get my focus back and start to counter-wrestle and really get that mind-frame going,”  “I had it too much in my head that he was going to be counter-boxing and that slowed down the progress of what I really wanted to do.

“I didn’t train at all for B.J. shooting takedowns. I did zero defensive wrestling this whole camp.”

High fives should also be replaced with hand shakes or gentle hugs when talking to the TV. The gentlest.


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