Jon Bones Jones appeared on Fox5 New York this morning and we have the video…

Hopefully in 2012, we can collectively agree that any form of media asking a fighter to place them in a rear-naked choke needs to come to an end. Actually, that’s not entirely fair. Let’s make a rule that if you ask a fighter to place you in a rear-naked choke, you can’t tap out. The blood running through your neck will have to come to a complete halt and your unconscious body will need to collapse to the floor in order to realize how much of an idiot you were for asking someone to choke you out. Set an example for the children of the world. In any other moment in human civilization, this stuff would not have passed. Imagine someone at Fox News asking Attila the Hun to place them in a ‘guillotine’. Necks would be rolling quicker than your friends rolled to Nate Dogg in the late 90s (RIP). Check out this video of Jon Bones Jones appearing on Fox5 New York just moments ago. [Source]

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