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Johny Hendricks is the NEW UFC welterweight champion!

Johny Hendricks is the NEW UFC welterweight champion!

Before we get into it, I think the only real lesson to be learned from this fight is in order for Johny Hendricks to win the UFC welterweight belt, he had to get boring at one point in the fifth round. Now we know why Georges St. Pierre did it for a long number of years. Regardless of the array of excitement you can bring to a fight, judges always respond positively when lay and pray is used.

Although Hendricks didn’t employ that same technique until much later in the fight, if he didn’t take down Lawler and essentially rest in his guard for the remaining seconds of the fifth round, it’s questionable if he would have actually won that fight. I mean visually we saw a bloodied Hendricks appear to get rocked more than once in his fight against Robbie Lawler. Sure he was throwing a lot of strikes, and a lot of them were getting through, but even more importantly a lot of them were being deflected by Lawler.

Now that I told you what Hendricks did to win this fight, let’s discuss what Lawler did to lose this title bout. Well for one, he gassed. I simply refuse to believe that Lawler was rocked, if you look back at the fifth round his tank was clearly clinging on to E. Also when Lawler had Hendricks rocked in the third round, the guy was too conservative to exert the energy to finish him. Definitely a missed opportunity — I mean he could have done what Georges St. Pierre couldn’t do and finish Hendricks.

It’s also clear that Johny Hendricks’ ‘Look at his face and then look at mine’ logic simply collapses after this fight. Nevertheless, Johny Hendricks is the new UFC welterweight champion.* Props to Zprophet for the .gifs.

*In the absence of GSP.


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