Joe Lauzon opens a womb about to give birth on Mike Chiesa’s face

A little MiddleEasy history for everyone: about five years ago we were under the umbrella of a very large, rather dry Corporation (which we were eventually dropped from for showing a video of Tom Lawlor peeing on his girlfriend). We wanted to document the Top Ten Cuts in MMA history. The original title was going to be The Top Ten Head Wounds That Look Like Vaginas, but it wasn’t allowed. So after a conference, it was decided that we would call head vaginas ‘wombs about to give birth’. 

It was a horrible decision, but one that has changed me forever. I’m still not really sure what a womb is in general, but I’m pretty sure it’s not a vagina (or is it???), still, when a cut happens in MMA, to me, it’s a womb about to give birth. That is my cross to bear.

After a fun battle, this is the womb about to give birth on Michael Chiesa’s eyebrow, courtesy of Joe Lauzon’s knee load.


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