Jay Hieron has signed an exclusive contract with Bellator

There is no possible way I will retell the string of bad luck Jay Hieron has endured since 2008. There’s already a large chance that a piano may fall on your head at a later point in the day just by reading this article. Whenever some negative improbable scenario happens in your life, you’ve been ‘Hieroned’ — and it will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Some of you missed the Hieron vs. Riggs bout, Jay Hieron’s final fight for Strikeforce at Strikeforce Miami earlier this year. Some of you meaning every person that wasn’t inside the BankAtlantic Center on January 30th 2010. In 2009, Riggs vs. Hieron was included in the main event of the above mentioned card and everyone finally got a full-nights sleep with the knowledge that Jay Hieron would finally get some respect from the universe. Wrong. We were all wrong. Wes Sims and his pro-wrestling dialect decided to bump the Hieron vs. Riggs fight to an undercard and we all sat there on our sofas in a hopeless state of despair. A few days later, EA Sports MMA announced they would stream the fight live on their site, free of charge. Their intentions were good, but the technology was straight out of Bedrock. Not the diatomaceous rock or the Lil’ Wayne song. We’re talking about the city where you had to power your car via your blister ridden feet. Life in Bedrock must have been rough, but still not as rough as not being able to see Hieron vs. Riggs. The screen went black within three seconds of the bout and the feed didn’t return until the moment after the fight ended.

Yeah, that’s the kind of luck Jay Hieron has.

Now that Bellator has just announced they have signed Hieron to an exclusive contract to participate in the season four welterweight tournament, the universe now favorably smiles on his career — or at least we hope. Perhaps one day we’ll finally get to see Nick Diaz vs. Jay Hieron, a bout that was promised to us over a year ago. However, in the meantime, Dan Hornbuckle vs. Jay Hieron is entirely too cool of a potential bout to ignore. [Source]

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