Jake Shields is comfortable standing with GSP, wants to fight him at UFC 131 in Toronto

After Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers in 2009, Mayhem Miller and Jake Shields had a little public verbal altercation that eventually led to Jake Shields accusing Mayhem of domestic abuse. CBS never aired this as a primer to the Strikeforce brawl that eventually turned into a viral hit, but everyone who has ever tweeted (twatted?) is well aware of the story. I’m not sure why this video wasn’t published after the Strikeforce Hollywood presser, but I managed to clean up the audio of Jake Shields giving his side of what really happened during that Twitterawl (Twitter-Brawl…nah, that won’t work) November of 2009. Shields and Mayhem never had a chance to settle their beef since Shields ‘jumped ship’ to the UFC earlier this year. However, in this FiveKnuckles interview, Shields has realigned remnants of his beef with Mayhem, directly to Georges St. Pierre and even wants to take on the UFC welterweight champion as soon as next April in Toronto.

“Fans keep telling me that’d like to see me fight in Toronto on April 30th. I don’t know if that’s the case or not, but it sounds good to me. I have no problem with that. The crowd is crazy up there. MMA is bigger there than in the states. I’m more popular up there than in my own hometown. They love it. I know they’ll be for GSP, but I’ll try to win them over with a big upset. I’m going to be the underdog, so I might as well go into enemy territory and take the belt away.”

“I think Josh (Koscheck) needed to throw more jabs and set up more. He was coming in looking for the single knockout shot. He wasn’t setting it up and GSP was hitting him with the jab so it was throwing him off. And I also thought he should have forced a little more wrestling, but I think that was tough because GSP got him frustrated early on.”

“It went similar to how I expected though. GSP’s very, very hard to take down and he’s got great takedowns. He’s a great fighter, he doesn’t make too many mistakes. He’s really smart, he’s hard to hit and he played the perfect game. He took Josh out with the jab. Picked him apart with the jab basically and mixed in some kicks as well. He looked great.”

“GSP’s a great stand up fighter, but I don’t think he’s the best I’ve fought. I’ve fought guys like Henderson with that power, and Daley, you know, some of the best stand up guys out there, so I feel comfortable standing with him.”

It may seem like an absurd statement, but considering that Jake Shields is the only fighter in the UFC with a win-streak longer than Anderson Silva’s has to mean something. If anything, it means that he gets a shot at the UFC welterweight belt which will hopefully go down at UFC 131. Start crossing your fingers and knock on all available wood possible. Egh, not that wood — pervert.  [Source]

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