Jacare gets his revenge, finishes Mousasi via alligator guillotine

Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza needs to fight for the title.  After Chris Weidman throws down with Vitor Belfort in December, give the winner a week to dust off his shoulders, and then announce this fight.  Regardless of who the champion is, it’s a compelling match-up: Jacare/Weidman is a grappling duel, whereas Jacare/Belfort could be Brazil’s next big title fight.

Tonight, though, Jacare took on Sweet & Sassy, the Young Vagabond: Gegard Mousasi.  It was thoroughly dominant.  Though Mousasi was billed as the better striker, your guy Jacare seemed to get the better of every exchange.  When he got bored, he’d grab a body lock against the cage & put Mousasi on his back.  For three rounds, Jacare just wore him around like a button.  As the third round ticked to an end, Jacare locked in a slick guillotine & strangle-barred the tap out of Mousasi.


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