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It’s confirmed. Dream 12 will be inside a cage

It’s confirmed. Dream 12 will be inside a cage

A couple of months ago some of you may remember that a Dream 12 promo video was leaked and, as usual, it made completely no sense. Watching a Dream promo video is like trying to understand the secrets of the universe through a Fisher-Price Viewmaster. It’s the type of stuff that not only stays with you for the rest of the life, but when you try to comprehend all of it…you can literally feel the brain tumor forming in your head. It’s best to just to watch and take it with a grain of salt (and an Advil Migraine…and a CAT Scan just to be safe).

In the Dream 12 promo video we saw brief cuts of what appeared to be a cage, which would mark the first time the organization has embraced the concept of confining humans in a steel cage and letting them fight (best idea ever). On our favorite site that no one knows about, Nightmare of Battle, they translated an except from the Japanese MMA Magazine ‘Gonkaku‘ and the Dream EP not only confirmed that Dream 12 will occur in a cage, but he also said:

“I don’t think that an 8-sided cage (octagon) is the global standard.”

From the sketches, it appears that Dream 12 will occur in a six-sided cage. If you’re not amped by now, then maybe you’re not aware that Sakurai vs. Diaz has been one of Dream 12’s heavily rumored match along with Eddie Alvarez vs. Katsunori ‘Creepy Smile’ Kikuno. And yes, that is a picture of Shinya Aoki dressed like a Japanese School Girl with Imanari doing…something behind him. [Source]

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