If you thought today’s staredown was intense, check out Anderson Silva and Lee Murray back in Cage Rage

Today’s UFC 126 stare down between Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort has climbed the icy hill of ‘legendary status’ in the course of less than an hour. When you add a white mask and mix it with some impromptu nose-to-nose pushing along with some Brazilian smack-talk, it almost makes the $49.99 in your pocket jump out and land directly into Dana White’s hands. While today’s face-off was epic, it still pales in comparison to the stare down between Anderson Silva and Lee Murray at Cage Rage 8. Murray may be in a Moroccan prison, but that still does not negate the fact that he had the greatest Anderson Silva stare down in the history of Anderson Silva stare downs.

If any of you want a Lee Murray update, the guards confiscated his phone however, he’ll probably have another one in his cell by the time you finish reading this sentence.

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