If you don’t think Kurt Pellegrino can freestyle to a Michael Jackson beat, watch this video

If you type ‘Pellegrino’ into UrbanDictionary.com, you get the following definition:

A Term used to describe a Trisexual Caucasian Shemale, Who is an extreme dork that loves math. “Pellegrinos” are most likely shemales that play “World Of Worldcraft” and enjoys “Girl On Girl” Action. A Pellegrino also has a small uncircumcised penis.

Now the only question that’s left is ‘which UGer placed that definition in there?’. My guess would be CRE or Fake Wrassler — but I’m prepared to be completely wrong in my assessment. At least we now have verifiable proof that Pellegrino will ace out both of those guys in a freestyle battle. Well, maybe not CRE.

Check out this video of Kurt Pellegrino placing the verbal hooks in a freestyle over a beat constructed just for the King of Pop.

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