If you can’t wait till next week, watch the first five minutes of TUF 12 right now

Alright, let’s play a quick little game. I’m setting the amount of profanities emitted from Dana White’s mouth in this short clip of TUF 12 at five, all of which beginning with the letter ‘F’. Now do you believe that it will be under that number, or over that number? You can even make this a drinking game. Get a few of your buddies together and whoever wins gets to distribute shots of Jaggermeister to everyone else. Just make sure your friend isn’t on the twelve-step program and by all means, wait till you get home from work/school. This drinking game isn’t appropriate if you’re driving on the freeway. In all likelihood, you would get into a fatal car accident and your mother would blame MiddleEasy for making you drink while you drive. I don’t need that on my conscious. I’m still dealing with a laundry list of childhood trauma. Seriously, does anyone know how it feels when you discover that your idiot friend creased your 1990 Silver Surfer Hologram card to an otherwise perfect set of Marvel Cards. You don’t. Exactly.

Check out the first five minutes of The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 since you’re too impatient to wait until next week to watch it. It’s cool, I’m right there with you. [Source]

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