Highlights: Split Decision Victory For Robert Whittaker Over Yoel Romero Despite Three Knockdowns!

Robert Whittaker and Yoel Romero have already had a fight at UFC 213, where Whittaker won via unanimous decision. Robert Whittaker (19-4 MMA, 10-2 UFC) is a tremendous grappler who competes for Australian national wrestling team and one of the best strikers in the history of Middleweight division. Whittaker has the longest active Middleweight division winning streak – 8.

Yoel Romero (13-2 MMA, 9-1 UFC) is one of the most explosive fighters in the history of this competition! Will Romero be able to revenge? He didn’t pass the weigh-in but despite that the fight happens! Dan Miragliotta is the referee, we hope fighters will lesson to his instructions or it might become dangerous!

Round 1

Whittaker opens up with a side kick to the leg, Romero fights from the orthodox stance! The Reaper repeats these side kicks to the leg over and over, Romero looks passive… Romero keeps his hands very high, which is surprising for him. Romero’s knee might get hurt if his opponent continues this way. What a left hook by Romero!

Whittaker slipped and fell down but Romero didn’t use that chance. Romero goes forward but countered by The Reaper. The fight is pretty much non-interesting. Soldier Of God cannot get close… good uppercut by Romero! Whittaker is the only one who throws strikes in this round, great high kick, but reaches only Romero’s glove.

The Australian can’t bypass the Cuban’s guard! Romero tries low kick but it is blocked. Wow, what a great right low kick by Romero, Whittaker nearly lost his balance. The Reaper connects two good hits to the body. Whittaker nearly escaped the knockout in the last seconds of the round!

Round 2

Romero looks exhausted off the weight-cut process. Whittaker continues the same way to the leg but Romero punches with a jab. What a strange guard by Romero, but he defends an overhand well! The right kick to the body made a big damage to Whittaker, he looked stunned but escapes.

Whittaker misses right overhand punch again. Cuban goes for knee strike but Whittaker defends well. What a left hook miss by Romero and a great evade by Whittaker. Romero lands a right high kick but Whittaker connects with a hook.

An Injury!

Romero’s right eye is closed! It is swollen from the left jab, will the doctors let him continue? Whittaker uses the chances and delivers a tremendous right high kick!

Great left hook and right uppercut by Romero, no takedown attempts at all! Good combo by Romero but missed. Whittaker defends the takedown attempt well! Whittaker attacks the leg again and the round ends… good round!

Round 3

Soldier Of God continues the fight and a great left punch to the head. Whittaker misses a right high kick.


What a right punch by Romero and Whittaker is stunned. Romero takes him down and delivers elbows! Whittaker goes for a takedown attempt, but Soldier Of God is in the clinch again, trying to take him down… Whittaker in deep trouble, eating punches… what an elbow by Cuban!

The Australian survives the furious attack but his nose bleeds too! What a left spinning back elbow by Whittaker. Cuban looks tired and Whittaker takes the control… bad takedown attempt by Yoel and Robert defends well. Good knee to the stomach by The Reaper.

What A Fight!

Romero presses Whittaker with the punches against the fence, is this the end? Whittaker runs for his life but delivers a right high kick to Cuban’s face!

Cuban takes him down again! The Reaper recovers and holds Romero against the fence again… the end of the round, what a fight, the crowd is thrilled, what a war!

Round 4

Both fighters are bleeding! Whittaker’s knee is blue now! The Australian attacks first but Yoel defends well! Good side kick to the body and left high kick by Whittaker!

Nut Shot

The Reaper attacks Romero’s knee, but a nut shot! Will the referee warn him? No, Dan says it was accidental, Yoel has five minutes to recover!

An unsuccessful high kick by Whittaker, Romero returns with a combo. What a kick to the knee by Whittaker in the style of Shaolin masters.

Broken Arm!

Whittaker’s right arm is broken, that is why he throws the left only!

Romero goes with the hooks but no success, Whittaker blocks. Whittaker even tries with a broken arm but misses. What is this guy made of?

Excellent superman punch by Romero but reaches guard only… Whittaker goes for the right elbow but nothing happens.

The Reaper Is Rocked!

Two great punches by the Cuban find its mark. What a left hook and Whittaker is rocked again! Right hook and left hook by Romero, but the round ends!

Round 5

Who will win this war? Fighters shake hands… great exchange and excellent right punch from Romero but Whittaker is still on his feet. World-class spinning back kicks by the Cuban and great spinning back fist but The Reaper moves like a cat and escapes. Great two jabs by the Australian.

Knockdown Again!

Wow, what a left hook over Whittaker’s hand, the Australian pulls back… What a left hook by Romero, Whittaker is down and the Cuban punishes him with ground and pound… Is it possible that he has survived this attack?!

Whittaker brings Romero to the fence but taking him down is almost mission impossible! A knee from Romero, who takes down Whittaker again and controls his back! A knee to Whittaker’s spine, this had to hurt! Awesome takedown, Romero kicks Whittaker on his feet, Miragliotta warns them to remain active.

And Big Dan breaks them up! Both fighters don’t risk much, Romero goes forward and misses with a spinning back kick, Whittaker defends with a push kick to the body. The end of the match! Very hard decision but Cuban fighter earned more knockdowns!

48-47 Romero, 48-47 Whittaker, and 48-47 Whittaker… split decision victory for Whittaker!

Check out the action below:

Winning moment:


In a post-fight speech, Whittaker revealed he busted his hand:

Published on June 10, 2018 at 12:00 am
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