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Hey Dan Henderson, sign up Phil Davis and Shane Carwin for sh*t talking school

Hey Dan Henderson, sign up Phil Davis and Shane Carwin for sh*t talking school

What are the presidential candidates’ stance on sh*t talking school finally being eligible for federal loans? That is the unknown hot button issue of the 2012 elections. It’s so under the radar even the men running for office don’t know about it, but if they were aware, there’s no way they would doubt the lifelong benefits of being a graduate of sh*t talking school. Sure, you could say federal loans raise college tuitions to an unreasonable level and many of the students getting these government handouts won’t be able to find a job that will benefit directly from sh*t talking school, but this is America. You should be able to get free money to do whatever you want, nevermind the consequences of your debt or your sh*t talk. In fact, the influx of superlative sh*t talk will bring forth a higher need of medics to deal with all of the stab wounds that come out of the situations where someone on the receiving end of a verbal barb runs out of wit and turns to their pocketknife.

People who partake in rap battles for money and professional athletes are probably the only demographics that really need to drop the cash (or look to the Pell grant) for sh*t talking school. Dan Henderson contemplated taking sh*t talk night classes in his off-time when Chael Sonnen talked his way into a title shot. Now Phil Davis and Shane Carwin want to join Hendo for some higher learning.


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