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Here’s the EA UFC full-length E3 trailer!

Here’s the EA UFC full-length E3 trailer!

Here it is, the full-length trailer that once again will just drive us absolutely insane with anticipation. EA UFC is inching ever so closer, and I hope and pray to every deity known to man that we get to play it tomorrow at E3, but I won’t get my hopes up, I can’t. The pain would be too much to bear. Nothing much of consequence that we already don’t know was said. The usual fastest growing sport in the world etc etc was thrown around before the trailer, with only the words “full body deformation” making my ears perk up.

Does this mean what I think it does? Will Corey Hill be a secret character (or achievement?)

Things of note: this may be prerendered version of the game, with graphics they should be able to achieve at a later point. But hopefully the blood on the mats remains as cool looking as this. Also — more blood on the shorts please.

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