Here’s one of the most impressive wrestling takedowns you’ll ever see

Not only does Iman Sadeghikoukandeh have some of the most superlative takedown defense we’ve ever seen, he went full Guardians of the Galaxy and basically pulled off a move that only a Star Lord could make. And that dude had rockets on his feet. Or something like that, I can’t really remember. I was too busy being blown away by the fact that a cassette tape could survive continuous play for 26 years. Talk about destroying my suspension of disbelief, guy who made love to Pam Beasley and made running zombies cool (they aren’t). 

Sorry, got off on a tangent there. Everything is fine other than the fact that Iman Sadeghikoukandeh likely has a powerstone or three. Hell, looking at this flip takedown, he just may possess the Infinity Gauntlet.

Thanks to @WMMANews for the tip, and keep an eye on the judge in the lower right hand side of the frame.

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