Here’s fifteen uninterrupted minutes of spinning shit

Today’s spin class is fifteen minutes long, and Nick Diaz wants you to ditch it so you can drive out to the forest preserve to hotbox his Honda. You can’t blame Nick for his perceived disdain of spinning shit, the guy coined a name for maneuvers that generally leave him with his arms outstretched, asking you just what the hell you’re doing before you get slapped across the face. Every time Nick Diaz sees spinning shit, his heart shrinks, and right now, his heart is 2.09 sizes too small. This makes his cardiovascular abilities all the more impressive.

But sometimes, just sometimes, spinning shit works in the most wondrous of ways. The results are devastating and the audience reactions are joyous. And you know that deep down, Nick Diaz likes the spinning shit, and when he sees fifteen solid minutes of shit that spins, it’s impossible. Joy wells and his heart grows, 4.2 sizes larger. 

Thanks to Jackson Heath for the find.

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