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Here’s another one of those weird, slo-mo Brittany Palmer videos

Here’s another one of those weird, slo-mo Brittany Palmer videos

I guess this should go under the MMA category, even though it’s simply Brittany Palmer wearing a booby shirt splashing some paint on a canvas. It’s pretty incredible what kind of videos we’re seeing out of this Phantom Cam craze. It’s like whoever produced this segment went straight into a time warp all the way back to his (because come on, you know a male made this) freshman year of highschool AV class. Slow motion painting? Really?

I guess it’s kind of cool, but if you have a camera that costs tens of thousands of dollars, a crew capable of running it perfectly, and a budget, but this is really all you can come up with? Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Well if you know a better idea than Brittany Palmer splashing paint on a canvas in slow motion, then let’s hear it!”

No. For better uses of your camera, email me: [email protected] or you can ask me on Twitter. But then again, it’s clear you’re just throwing money away, so I will charge you for my brilliant ideas for this Sweet and Sour or whatever it’s called. Hot and Spicy. I don’t even know.

 I would pay for a Photoshop job of that screen cap above with the paint bottles removed and ketchup and mustard bottles replacing them.

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