HDNet Fights YouTube account was terminated due to copyright infringement claims from Sengoku

The greatest trick Sengoku ever pulled was convincing the world that SRC never existed. That’s actually a quote from The Usual Suspects, but I replaced the word ‘Devil’ with ‘Sengoku’ in an attempt to make your heads explode with incredibly wit. It didn’t work, and most of you are still wondering exactly how the New York Jets managed to collapse last weekend in the AFC playoffs. I don’t have the answer to that, we’re an MMA site. However, I can tell you that despite Sengoku changing their name to ‘SRC’ in 2009, people continue to address the Japanese MMA promotion as ‘Sengoku’. It’s just another message to companies out there that it’s silly to rebrand your company in the middle of its progression for no apparent reason. Sengoku will forever be Sengoku, SRC is something that rich people say.

Now, the company formally known as ‘Sengoku’ (but will always be known as Sengoku) has apparently claimed multiple copyright infringements against the HDNet Fights YouTube page, forcing it to be terminated. Yes, HDNet covered Sengoku: Soul of Fight, so on the surface, none of this makes any sense. You can try to visit HDNet Fights YouTube page, but you will be welcomed to a giant pink box with a little bit of Japanese written inside. Go ahead, try if you don’t believe me.

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