Greg Jackson discusses a plethora of subjects with us

I had a few really important and insightful questions to ask Greg Jackson Saturday night at the Strikeforce presser, so I approached him to see if we could chat on camera. Since Greg is a super nice guy he happily obliged. We headed to the back of the conference room but the lights were out, so I suggested we move towards the front of the room where the lighting was better. As soon as Coach Jackson stepped under the bulb and the light hit him at a downward angle I completely lost my train of thought and all I could think of was Jackson’s uncanny resemblance to Cain, the evil drug kingpin from Robocop 2 and one of the late Officer Murphy’s greatest foes. Even if the resemblance to the nuke pushing overlord was mild, I couldn’t stop thinking about Cain laying out that perfect gameplan to his henchmen which enabled them to capture Robocop in that abandoned warehouse. Coach Jackson shares a similar, detail oriented outlook at his day job. I was going to bring all of this up to him but the interview was already over as I asked him the usual questions everyone probably asks him about Shogun/Jones, Rashad and Arvloski.

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